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We are a professional consulting company with technical depth, based in New York, specializing in highly scalable, safe solutions for corporate clients and small start-ups.
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Why Adroit?


Adroit‘s excellent team of dedicated developers and architects consists of highly skilled professionals with decades of experience and a successful track record of implementing highly scalable solutions for some of the largest companies.



Talent Sourcing

With over 60 + professional engineers/developers available in-house or remote, ADROIT is your partner every step of the way.

You’ll get a team when you recruit a developer. We at ADROIT share cross-disciplinary knowledge among all engineers.

In-House Screening

Tailored to your needs: Adroit screens suitable in-house professionals according to your individual needs for suitability.

Our professionals’ team holds incredible academic and professional achievements, including MSs and PhDs in Engineering, Mathematics, and Neuroscience.

We will help find candidates to scale up for meeting demand and then scale back down when you need to.


On Demand

Adroit is here to help you in any situation, whether you need us for a standalone project or in a supporting role.

Adroit will increase your flexibility and resilience, which allows you to focus on the success of your company by creating an elite team that architects while we build – any language, any discipline.

ADROIT is here to help, whether you are an entrepreneur just starting out or if your company has been around for decades.

Who We Are

Adroit is a professional consulting company based in New York.

At Adroit, we detected some critical factors about running and growing a successful business: Its culture makes the difference between success and failure. Creating a strong corporate culture will enhance employee engagement, increase productivity, foster brand loyalty, and boost financial performance. Determining and living by a company’s core values will allow the team to strive and provide excellent service to customers.

We research and work with our clients to understand their business culture and team dynamics to screen candidates for suitability based on Proficiency and Culture:

  • Match the candidate’s technical depth with the job description
  • Client’s cultural and business fit

Additionally, Adroit is here to support your team during transition times, such as moving to a new framework and building new features by adapting our work scale to your flexible needs to increase your company’s resilience. Furthermore, you will benefit from Adroit‘s insights range from team dynamics to infrastructure, derived from our 15 + years of experience.

Most importantly, we at Adroit understand the big picture, and we’re going to tailor a solution to your specific needs for success.


“Adroit Consulting really saved us from a lot of headaches when integrating Salesforce to our workflow!”

Max Brokton, Director of Sales Technology , Red7 Inc.

“Outstanding. Professional. Exceptional. Transparent. Good communication and on time delivery."

Will Berger – CEO,  Leadoutcome


59 Scholes St, #204
Brooklyn, 11206 NY

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