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Adroit re-imagined the way of developing custom business applications to support your company to get the tools that you really need. Without the hassle of recruiting engineers, building and maintaining code and infrastructure, and adapt to vendor defined workflows that only cover 70% of your initial requirements.

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Custom Saas

When & Why Custom SaaS makes sense.

The buy before build is a strategy embraced by many companies to reduce technology overhead, cost, and maintenance. Especially smaller companies, Start-Ups, and even enterprises are overwhelmed with the execution of projects that usually involve recruiting talent, building code, maintaining the application, including end user support.

As an alternative, teams spend countless hours evaluating vendor provided solutions. As a result they pay for something that in the best case scenario meets 75% of the initial requirements. So when makes our solution sense how is it different from products other vendors are providing?


Flexible Data Structure

Our data structure doesn’t know the concept of models. Everything is an entity no matter what data it holds. Entities have data fields, references to other entities, or data from external systems. You can access and pull this data with views. In the same fashion, the entities are built, a view that can expose and display complex data relationships. But always check against the user’s permission if the person is authorized to see an entity, a view, or even as granular as a single field within the entity.

Use Case 1:

Video Asset Management System

  • Video Metadata
  • Project Related Metadata
  • Ability to organize by Show, Season, Episode, Segements
  • Integration with a Right & Clearance System
  • Integration with Salesforce
  • Integration to Financial Systems via Event Bus

Custom SaaS Powers Video Management For News Channel

A big media clients ran their whole video production and asset management in a homegrown, outdated monolithic system which became not only unmaintainable but would need major feature updates with their company mainly switching from print and digital publishing to video production.

The technology department evaluated countless applications and solutions from Adobe, Salesforce, Asana, and Atlassian which were either way too expensive, too hard to implement, or had too big of a lack of functionality.

Because of the fact that we were already engaged with the client working on other projects, we asked for a list of must have requirements from the video production team.

After analyzing the underlying data structure we figured that open source software we already use for many enterprise clients can handle all their use cases even connecting them to other applications like NetSuite, SalesForce, Uber, Concur and their data lake.

We proposed the software we wanted to build this application in but were confronted with pushback because it didn’t fit in their technology stack so their engineering team would not have been able to support it. 

That was the point where we offered our custom SaaS model for the first time which got widely accepted by executives and decision makers, because the service fee model we’ve proposed would save the company between 1.5 and 7.5 million dollars over the next 4 years.


Use Case 2:

 Micro Site Publishing System

  • Creating Microsites
  • Share and reuse content between them
  • Modular UI with no code design
  • Shared UI components
  • SalesForce Integration
  • Chatbot integration 

America’s Biggest Law Firm uses custom SaaS to power its gigantic network of microsites. 

A law firm which we were already engaged with was looking for a way to streamline their landing page and microsites into one single system that would not charge for every single site separately and the ability to reuse common information, configurations, and integrations between them.

Adroit was able to build this solution in under 6 weeks, launching 2 redesigned microsites as a proof of concept. The results were so impressive that they decided to publish their main website to this system because our lighthouse page speed results were beating their CMS by nearly 20 points. 

Since the underlying infrastructure, we’re using is edge optimized, but also takes care of image optimization, file minification, and intelligent script inclusion.

No Development Cost

Adroit waives initial setup and legacy system data migration cost when you commit to a 2-year contract. You only pay the monthly service fee.

We’re confident that our platform is flexibile enough to meet most use cases out of the box.



Bi-Directional Integrations, Connectors, and Event Streaming

As a consulting company, we know the pain points of connecting custom applications to other platforms and integrating them into the business workflow.

That’s why we architected our solution in a way that allows for bi-directional data flow via build-in RESTful API, Webhooks, GraphQL, connectors and even event-driven architectures 

Build-in SSO, Multi-Tenancy, Granular Roles & Permissions

Most companies these days using 3rd party provider to manage user access, roles and permissions. That’s why our platform allows for integration via SAML or OAuth 2. So Okta, AD, Cognito, Google SSO nothing more than plug and play.

We also support true multi-tenancy via data sharding with regional separation. GDPR the Adroit way.

Managed Infrastructure

  • 99.5 % uptime SLA
  • Multi-Zone Resilient Data Storage
  • Automated Backups
  • Security Updates
  • CDN
  • In Memory Search Engine


24/7 Ticket Support

  • P0 Escalation within 2h
  • P1 Escalation within 12h
  • Non-Critical Support Requests & Feature requests within 24h

24/7 Monitoring

  • Performance
  • Errors & Requests
  • Suspicious Activities and Access
  • Data Integrity

24/7 Data Access

  • GraphQL
  • Data Pipelines
  • Event Streams
  • Scheduled Data Delivery to any cloud storage.

“Adroit Consulting really saved us from a lot of headaches when integrating Salesforce to our workflow!”

Max Lederman ,Director of Sales Technoloy , ViceMedia LLC

“Outstanding. Professional. Exceptional. Transparent. Good communication and on time delivery."

Will Berger – CEO,  Leadoutcome


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